Flat design ui

The Year 2013 was the year that flat design undertook a hostile takeover regarding the world of Graphic Design. All big brands are switching to this genre of design which is depicted by their change of  current logo designs  to Flat logo Design. But biggest influence of flat design can be seen in the Mobile app sector. The  “ground breaking” (although flat design had been round for a long time) flat UI design for iPhone5 brought about the  largest attention to the style of design.

What is a Flat Design?

you may ask...

Ask any of your friends (or if you are a loner like me ask a guy in the street) to describe the design of the ios 7, and they’ll describe it as… well, flat.

In the world of Graphic design, flat refers to a design style that avoids all the “Bling-Bling” such as shadows, 3D effects, animation, gradients, etc.  Flat design mostly includes illustration, bold colors, and quite minimalistic layouts of the design. Just as with any style of art it’s not written on stone that a design have to have all of these to be considered flat. A design can normally be considered as a flat design if it consists of the minimal aspects and less of the extras.

To prove my point on how flat design is the way to go I have listed  a number of logos of the biggest brands that have switched to flat design logos. I think its best going forward to design flat interface design and get more flat web design inspiration while designing Flat UIs.


youtube logo change

2-dow-jones copy

Nivea flat logo design

Facebook Flat logo