Info Graphic Online Branding

Branding is the one of the most essential aspects to consider if you have a vision to create a successful long-term business. While working with a lot of startups we have seen companies succeed or fail solely because of their failed brand identity as consumers are willing to spend more money on companies that they have heard of or seen before.

Failing to establish a strong brand identity, will give your competitors an advantage and you will be forced to compete solely on price, which in turn will further slow your growth.

Today we will discuss 5 branding tactics that entrepreneurs should consider when starting up a business to ensure future success.

Logo and Website Design

It’s no secret that all of us are attracted to things that are visually pleasing. Once you understand your firm and what it represents, it will help you to create a visual feel for your company and that will be the starting phase of your branding process.

Your logo and website should shout out in both literal and figurative terms, the character of your business. Take a lot of care at this stage, do not rush it, and decide what ideals you want your business to stand-on and the type of industry your business is in.

What is you target market and what kind of image the target market associates your business with and then try to visualize it.

This will help you to express and describe what you want your designers and developers to do.

Your logo and website will represent and define your business both online and offline, so make sure that it is effective and something that you are proud of.

Social Network Profiles

In the era of social media all the social media portals are the most effective way to establish your online influence, and a great way to reach your potential customers. Best way to learn, I would recommend is looking into other companies that you admire, and notice what they’re doing well with their profiles.

In your profile, generate contacts that are interesting and aticles people would like to share. You want to share videos, article or images that are helpful or entreating along with that your product description and promotional offers.


The biggest mistake small businesses make is not investing in SEO. Rather, they invest a lot more money on old fashion slow marketing (eg. leafleting etc.). The biggest obstacle a small business face is being “seen”. It’s very important that you focus in driving more traffic to your site right from the beginning of your website, and crank up your search engine optimization.

Use all the online portals to drive more unique visitors to your site. Social networks are one of the most important features of those portals. I would highly suggest having a blog integrated within your site and post relative and interesting topics to give people a reason to come back to your site. Put your website address on and each every printed marketing materials to drive more users to your site. You Google rank depends a lot on how many unique visitors come to your site, and we all know the best way to get noticed is by having a high ranking in Google.


PR is a great way to make you and your business visible both online and offline. Any kinds of social or charitable work you are involved in, do not hesitate to alert local media if they want to want to cover it. Blog and position yourself online as an expert in your field, and encourage others to comment and give their opinions.

Start with the smaller publications and blogs and strengthen your position, and create working relationships with the media.

If you are not ready to pay a heavy fee to the PR companies, I would suggest you to write free regular articles for various publications online as well as offline, build up your reputation, thus increasing the PR of your company.


When the company starts its business it is very crucial to take regular feedback from you customers to find out what’s working and what’s not. Simple information such as where they heard about you can help you greatly to tweak your marketing campaigns.

Don’t be afraid to constantly upgrade your product or service or pricing, and be receptive to the feedbacks.

It’s vital to realize that no matter how long you have been in the business and how experienced you are, there is always room for improvements and learning how to do business better.

When your clients are happy about your product or service, ask them for a testimonial. Upload these testimonials on your site, and it will prove your credibility to other potential customers as well as implant trust in future prospective clients.